Wah-Tut-Ca Magazine February 2014 - Page 8

Wah-Tut-Ca’s Water Park Older Scouts and veterans of Northwood Lake often choose half days on the lake and in Wah-Tut-Ca’s Water Park. Aquatics II is a special high adventure aquatics program designed to provide older Scouts with challenging aquatics experiences. The program focuses on developing individual aquatic skills and knowledge using team concepts. In order to qualify for attendance in Aquatics II, a Scout must be at least 13 years of age, have successfully completed the Swimming merit badge, and have their Scoutmaster’s permission. Scouts in the Aquatics II program enjoy a wide range of activities including water skiing, water tubing, snorkeling, sailing, and boating “out of bounds.” Aquatics II is a ?exible program; Scouts choose their own adventure. Working with the staff they schedule the week to feature the options they ?nd most appealing.