Wah-Tut-Ca Magazine February 2014 - Page 7

A BIT OF HISTORY Getting To Wah-Tut-Ca During World War II Crossing Northwood Lake Was The Last Leg Of The Journey The distance from Lowell to Northwood was the major argument against building Wah-Tut-Ca. In 1937 few families owned cars and there were no highways. Just 5 years after Wah-Tut-Ca opened the problem became critical. During World War II gas was rationed and no one had extra to drive 60 miles to Northwood. Many BSA camps faced the same problem and closed for the duration of the war. Scout Executive Hal Kellogg was determined to keep WTCSR open and developed a way for Scouts to make it to WTCSR. Get to WTCSR 1942 In 5 Easy Steps! Step 1 Take Trolly To Lowell Step 2 Get To Train Station Step 3 Take Train To Concord NH Step 4 Take Bus To Northwood Narrows Click To See Old Wah-Tut-Ca Aquatic Adventures Key Foundation Archives Step 5 Take Whaleboat To Camp