Wah-Tut-Ca Magazine February 2014 - Page 2

The Key Foundation Inc Wah-Tut-Ca The Key Foundation Magazine About The Land For Friends & Brothers And Northwood, NH Horse To Water Publications In this issue: The Adventures of Northwood Lake Showing Our Mussells A Flavor Of Wah-Tut-Ca A Bit Of History: Getting To WTCSR During WWII Wah-Tut-Ca’s Water Park Where Forest Meets Lake Living The Code Something Fishy The Adventure Never Ends Share Your Adventures If you have a Wah-Tut-Ca Story you would like to tell, The Key Foundation would like to help publish it. Contact us at BJLFSTAR@comcast.net. Tell Us What You Think Your feedback is important. Comments are welcomed on FACEBOOK Wah-Tut-Ca is published by The Key Foundation Inc. The views, opinions, content and editorial control are solely that of the Key Foundation Inc., its members and supporters. The Key Foundation is a private not for profit organization incorporated in Lowell MA. The Key Foundation is not affiliated with the Yankee Clipper Council or the Boy Scouts of America. Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation is owned and operated by the Yankee Clipper Council, BSA. © 2014 TKF/FStar Productions Horse to Water Publications. Welcome Home! The Key Foundation Inc.is pleased to revive Wah-Tut-Ca Magazine in an all-new and exciting format. Please share the link with friends and brothers who, like us, love all things Wah-Tut-Ca. This issue features Northwood Lake. Those what are associated with WTCSR often take Northwood Lake for granted. We shouldn’t. Very few Scout Camps in America are located on such a large body of water. Northwood Lake is 3 miles long with nearly 640 acres of water. Many American Scout Camps rely on swimming pools, small ponds and man made bodies of water for their aquatic adventures. Even fewer camps can boast, “a mile and a half of shoreline”. Northwood Lake makes Wah-Tut-Ca, Wah-Tut-Ca. Although I’m more associated with the forest and streams of WTCSR, Northwood Lake brings equal fascination. As a boy I learned to swim in Northwood Lake, similarly I learned how to row, paddle, and set sail. I’ve even slept on Northwood Lake. In the 1970s we put some pads on the canoes and spent the night floating in the cove. I also recognize that the famous Wah-Tut-Ca sunsets would not be spectacular without our lake that reflects and mixes its colors. I hope you enjoy the edition and like me look forward to the ones to follow. Please send us your stories and pictures so we can tell the world why we love the land for friends and brothers. Brian J. Lobao President & CEO The Key Foundation Inc.