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October 2016 8 Wagons West Chronicles THE INDIAN HERE’S A DECISION “PEACE” POLICY CANBY AND CROOK Held that a Father is Not Bound in a Legal Sense to Support His Child April 3, 1891, Gazette, Fort Worth, Texas — The court of appeals today handed down an interesting decision: Frieda Huke, who has taken to the stage chorus as a means of support since her father, William Huke, thrust her out of doors, sued her father in The Indiwn “Peace” from previous column General Crook. General Canby. April 24, 1873, The Weekly Union, San Diego, California — It was the old Colyer “peace” farce over again, at the seat of the Modoc disturbances. For weeks prior to the dreadful massacre of Friday last it was evident to everybody that the attempt to argue the point with the Modocs was an utterly hopeless thing — that nothing would settle the matter but bullets — the remedy that ought to have been resorted to last December. General Canby was thorContinued on next column oughly convinced of this; he was ready to act, and wanted to act — promptly and vigorously, but he was hampered from the beginning. The Call of Saturday last (the morning of the day on which the news of the massacre was received), reviewing the situation in the light of the latest dispatches, said: “At every step of General Canby’s progress it becomes necessary for him to telegraph to Washington for further instructions. Red tapery says, ‘Hold on.’ Thus whatever plans the General may have formed are frustrated by those who know little about the situation. If left to himself, he would doubtless bring the difficulty to a close speedily. As it is, he is to be pitied.” To be pitied, indeed; for at the moment these words were written, General Canby was lying stark in death, a martyr to that temporizing policy which has cost the lives of many hundreds of good men in Arizona Territory. The situation of Canby in the north was precisely similar to that of Crook in Arizona, when Vincent Colyer presented himself on the scene. Crook had completed all his arrangements and was ready to act against the Apaches, when Colyer came, bearing beads and blankets for the ɑɕ̰͕ѡ)ٕЁѡɽ́Ѽ)х啐QՕɥ)ѥѡЁѡх)ɥѥѥ́ѡ) ˊḛ́ͥ)ɥݡѡ%́ɑɕ)չɕѡ)ɥ齹ЁѡȁݸݕЁݥ)Ёѡͅɔѡѕչ)ɕ1ɥ́́)ѡ]ɜхɽ͕ѡ)չ䰁 ȁݕЁݸ)ɔѡЁэ䁽ѡ) аٕѡͽ()]éMɔɽ(( Q]э()ՙ́ȁɽɕ)ݥѠ)ѥѥٔ)ɕ))䁅ɔаɅɕ)ɥ́ͥ쁹а)ѥѡЁɽݹ)ݡхѼՍѕ)ɥѡЁ܁ѡ)ѡɐЁɥхɥ́ȁѕɥ()ѡɍեЁЁѼѼ)хȸ)Qɕӊe)ɕȁѼȁѥѥ݅́х͡Ѽѡ)Ё̰)ՑQͽ)ɥѕ́́ѡ)ѡ́ѥЁ)ѡȁȁѕ!ͅ)ѡЁѡ܁)ѡѡȁ́Ёչ)ѼЁ́ѡ͕͔)ѡЁѡѥ́䁱)ͅѥ) ɽոѼѥ͔ѡ)́ѡѡqt͡ɥ)͕Ёѡȁݰ<<)!݅ɐ͕ЁЁѼѥ̸́) ɽɕѥɕѼ́Յѕ́)͝ЁѼ݅Ёѡͥѡ)ɍ5ݡѡ%́)ͽٕ䁕她х)ݥѠ!݅ɐɑɕ)䁙ɵ́́مɥ)́ѡQɥѽ䰁Ѽѡ)́ݡѡѥѥ́ݕɔ)!݅ɐ٥́Ѽѡ)ɑ́ѡЁݕɔɽչ)ɕٕѡɅ́ѡ)ͅم́ѡЃqѡȁ́ݕɔ)tݕЁѼ)]͡ѽͥЁѼ)ѕɅمѡЁ)ݥѠѡ̸ )ɑȁݕɑȁՍ)ɅՍͥѡՍѥ)ѥɽ䁉)ͼɕЁѡЁЁ݅́ЁЁɕՍхѱ)Ցѡ]͡ѽ)ѡɥѥ́ѡЁɅ ɽ)ѕȁ́ɽ͕)Ѽѡ)%ѡ9Ѡѡ͕Օ)ѡqtɍ͕ɔ)ѡɥ齹͔)ѡɅѕȁѡ٥ѥ)ѡєͅɔ Ё)ɥQɥѽ䰁ɥѡ)ɥѡ ȁ䰁ɔ)ѡչɕѥ镹́ݕɔɑɕѡ̰ѡمхѥɽ՝Ё݅́չɕ)ɕѕȁѡ́Ё)͕ѡ5%̸) ɽ ݕɔɕѡͅՕ ɽչѕ䁱ٕ́Ѽ)䁽ЁѡՔ䁥)ɥ齹 䰁ѡȁ)́չѥ䁑Ѡ́ѕѥѡЁݥɐѡɽ՝)ѡѥѡ)͡䁽 Ȱ)!݅ɐ ()аɽ͔ݕ̸)Ḿٕɔѥݥ)ٔɽ܁ѽ݅ɐѡ)ɥ̸Qͱٔ́)ѡɕ͵ˊéٽɥє1ɝ)ՙ́ݥѠɽ܁ՙ̰)ձ́݅䁍ͱٕ́ɔ)ɔѼЁٽȸ Ʌѥ)ͱٕٕٕ́ͥаьٔ)ݽɸݥ)ٽɥѕ̸((0