Wagons West Chronicles October Issue 2016 October Issue - Page 7

October 2016 Wagons West Chronicles Edited By Sunny Livesay IT DAZZLES THE EYE Our editor at work. NEW SPRING DRESS GOODS IN FORTY-TWO SHADES Yet Fashion’s Attempts to Adorn Lovely Woman Are Like Sounding Brass and Tinkling Cymbal- Still They Must Be In the Latest Style. April 17, 1894, Daily Times, El Paso, Texas — I had thought that human ingenuity could not invent anything new in the way of crepons, but today I find an entirely new lot of designs and effects. There are dimpled silk crepons, and how pretty they are one has but to think of the dimples on baby’s cheeks to know. These are soft and have a delicate surface that with every movement breaks into dimples. One watches it in delighted wonder. Nothing can be prettier in woven goods. Nothing aside from the dimpled crepon can surpass it except a baby’s pink, round cheek. Spring Is Here. There is another crepon of wool warp and silk woof. This drapes in a manner to delight the soul of an artist. There are all silk crepons, but I do not think them quite as pretty as those having an added mixture of wool. There are all wool and cotton crepons. To see so many styles and The Singing Cowgirl 1938 A singing rancher (Dorothy Page) and her friend (David O'Brien) shield an orphan from gold-land grabbers 7 turn to the simplicity of the babies. Nothing is too fine and soft for them. Hand sewing is preferred for the pretty ones. Nainsook and soft linen lawns are the proper material. Less embroidery is on their clothes and more hemstitching and featherstitching. The hems are made about three inches deep and are hemstitched, sometimes in a fancy openwork pattern half an inch deep. Bows of the same washable material are set on for trimming in preference to ribbon. Nearly all the slips are mad