Wagons West Chronicles October Issue 2016 October Issue - Page 5

Wagons West Chronicles Rounding Up Outlaws from page 4 Territory Where The Outlaws Roam. fairly surpassed himself. Ripping out a string of oaths that would reach from Dan to Beersheba he jumped from his horse and dogged behind a boulder. He waited for twenty minutes and then the cowboy shot the outlaw’s horse, which had been grazing in the open. That was more than “Butch” could stand. Throwing caution to the winds he ran toward the clump of bushes, with a pistol in each hand barking at every step. But Hughes, considering discretion the better part of valor, had jumped on his horse and succeeded in making good his escape. But the vindictive nature of “Butch” Cassidy asserted itself. He had recognized his assailant, and every member of the band received instructions to be on the watch for him. Hughes left the Green River months later that he was located, on the north fork of the Powder River, up in Wyoming. Cassidy was notified, and with a dozen picked men he reached the ranch where Hughes was working. It was during the spring roundup. The two men met face to face. Hughes knew what was coming and pulled his gun. But he wasn’t quick enough. Cassidy’s pistol cracked first, and the cowboy dropped from his saddle with a bullet through his right eye. “That’s the way I serve any bad skunk that tries to shoot me in the back,” remarked Cassidy. “If any of his friends want to take up the quarrel I’m ready.” But if the dead cowboy had any friends they failed to respond. “Butch” Cassidy was well known, and it wasn’t safe to pick quarrels with him. So he rode away with his escort, cursing the cowboys for a pack of cowardly coyotes. Cattle-stealing is the chief source of income to Cassidy and his followers. One company alone in Central Utah has lost 2000 head during the past two years, worth at present prices $80,000. These were driven through Colorado and into New Mexico. It is in driving these stolen cattle from one State to another and out of the country that their system of co-operation is beneficial. However, any operation that promises adventure and financial reward is never overlooked. Trains are held up, express companies October 2016 and banks are robbed, and even individuals, when known to have money in their possession, are relieved of their possessions in true road-agent style. There are women among these outlaws, too, who ride with them on their wild forays and take pride in their association with these bold and daring freebooters. Even “Calamity Jane,” in the old days of her association with Deadwood Dick,” could not surpass these picturesque females in their wild career. About a year ago “Butch” Cassidy and “Bill” Ferguson, one of his trusted lieutenants, dashed into the town of Price in broad daylight, held up the paymaster of the coal company and rode off with $8000 before the crowd of bystanders realized what had happened. This is but a sample exploit. Bank robberies are but side issues with them; merely incidental to their grand chief occupation of cattle-stealing. If a victim resists or an officer pursues murder is regarded as a professional duty, to be cheerfully performed, but they are not given to wanton slaughter. In several instances foolhardy officers who ٔمѡȁɽ́ٔͅɵ͵չѕ͕Ё)хѡ́)ɕЁѕȁѡɅѡ)䁅ЁAɥݼ)éɅ ͥ䁅)ɝͽѼѡȁЃqIϊd)IлtQݕɔձݕ䵙)́ѡȁɽ)݅́ݸɔѡ䁅ɥٕ)Ёѡɽ܁ɅѼ)ѡɕٽ̸ ͥ݅́)٥ٕѡ)ЁݽձɔոѼɔ)ѡѥ́Ё)ѡѡѼѡM)ѕɑ)Qѥ́ݕɔЁ)݅ѡɅݡЁЁ)ɽչ͡Ё)ɽ̰ѡ䁡ɐѡ͡q!́Ut)!镸չ́ݕɔхɥ)ѡѡЁݕ)݅丁Qѥ́ɕ镐ЁѼ)䁵ЁՑѠU)ݕЁѡȁ̸ ͥѕ)ѼѡɽɥݥѠ՝ѕȸ+qe׊eɔՉ́Ѽ)эѥ镹̰)eЁtɥq)չ̸!ɔ ՍtѼ)́q͕ɍѡ͔ѕəаѡeٔЁѽ)ԁлt)QэЁ݅́ѡЁѡ)ѥ̰ɕٕٕѡ)ѡȁѡݕɔչ)ЁѼѡȁ͕̰Սѕ)ѼѡЁѡ͕́)Ёѡȁ̸ͥQѼ)ѡȁ͍ɔՑ)͍Ʌݱє݅́ѡ)ɕЁݡɕ)]IAUQdM!I%L)MЁ=ЁѼ ɔ э) ͥ䁅!́)]չMÚ!((()QIչU%%$ɽ() ѥ=ЁMѕȸ()͔ɥ)ٕ䁡ѱ͕)Q͔ݥЁɥ́ѡɥ́ɥɹ́ɔЁͽ)ѼɝѕQݕаɕ͠)ȰݥѠѽՍ́͡ѡ)ɱ䁥ѡ䰁ѡɅ)ѥѡ䁱ѱ͔)Ѽé)ѡɥݥѠ͡ȁս兹)еѕ́ȰձхЁɔѡ́)ɕѡ́)́ݔѡѕͥ́)ѡЁɅѕ̰ݥ́)ٕ݅ɥЁѥѡ́ѡمݡݔ)ЁѡѽѡЁɕ)ѕ԰ѡոٕ́ȁ)ѡٕɕ)ѡ͕ѡɽ)хѥ̸͡ Ёɔ()Ʌɕͥ́ɥ)ݡ͔́)՝쁅ЁɅє)ݡЁ́ѡ)͔ٔչȁ)Mѥ́ݔɽЁ)ݔ)ȁQ܁ݡ)ɔѼхѡͥ)ɍЁ́ɥ)Ѡɐи)ѡ՝䁝Ʌ̵)ѡ͕́ɔѽ՝)ݥ쁅ɕٕȰɔ͕)ȁ̰)ѡɕ̰ͼѡ)хѡݽɬݕ)Q͔Ё)ɽ́ɕЁɅѕ̰)ɥɕ̰ݥم́Ʌ٥̰ٕ)ɕ́ɕո͍ɍ)ѕ̰ѡЁɥ䁝ɽѕՔ)ɉݡѡ )1́ѡɥ́չͥхѥ䁝)ݸٕȁ́ݡɔ)͕́ͥѡЁ͔)͡ձٕх)Q͕ݥՅѕȁݸѡͥєݡɔ)ٕ䁡́Ѽɽɽ)Ѽаݥٕ)ѡ͡ձȁͽѽ)ݡݕЁͱ䰁ݥѠ͕ɥ)չ͍́Ʌ́ݡ)չՍ͙հݽձ͕́)ɥ́ѡѽѡ݅͡Ёܸ%͍)䁉єѕȁɅѡ)ݥЁȁЁѽѡȁ) ѥՕ((