Wagons West Chronicles October Issue 2016 October Issue - Page 16

October 2016 16 1950 Click To Watch ANOTHER TRAGEDY Frank Loving and Levi Richardson Fight With Pistols. Loving Comes Out With a Scratch and Richardson Goes to His Grave. A WONDERFUL GUN Pulled the Trigger and It Fired Eight Shots in Succession. April 6, 1895, News, Amarillo, Texas — What is claimed to be a most remarkable weapon, and one which is as great an improvement over the ordinary revolver for military purposes as was the revolver over the old time horse pistol has been brought out by a Berlin firm. The construction of this latestdevelopment in fire arm manufacture is upon entirely new lines, so far as regards small arms. The cartridges, which are eight in number, are contained within a magazine in the grip. The action of the piece is so rapid that the eye cannot follow the movements and the whole eight shots can be fired before the first shell ejected has struck the ground. The cartridges are brought to the front of the block, when the latter is moved to the rear in opening the breech, and its proper position in the firing chamber. The recoil at firing drives the bar- rel and breech mechanism to the rear, and three friction rolls of the rear link rakes against the curved butt, and are pushed downward, the middle joint of angle is raised, and the breech block slides, taking with it the empty shell by means of the extractor, until the extractor strikes the shell from below and throws it out, and the surplus momentum of the recoiling ports is taken up all the recoil of the spring, against each the friction rolls impinge. As soon as the recoil, which is so eased as to be scarcely noticeable to the hand is spent, a spring draws the toggle link forward and downward, the breech block pushes the upper cartridge into the barrel and the firing bolt is arrested and cocked by the rear. The safety prevents accidents when the arm is not in action; otherwise the pistol is always cocked and ready for service. The pistol weights 2 ¾ pounds, with a 6-inch barrel and 2 4/5 pounds with a 7 1/3 inch barrel. The projectile weight 35 grains and is projected by the cartridge at about 1,200 feet per second. Wagons West Chronicles April 8, 1879, Ford County Globe, Dodge City, Kansas — There is seldom witnessed in any civilized town or country such a scene as transpired at the Long Branch Saloon, in this city, last Saturday evening, resulting in the killing of Levi Richardson, a well known freighter, of this city, by a gambler named Frank Loving. For several months fr0&VVƗfrvFvFv&@v&6&G66VV2FfP6W&6VBFVFW"fVVƖw2BR"Gv6662&WfW2FF2v6&W7VFVB6fFǒFWfRV'&VVBBWfV6RF&w2&6&G6v2vBƗfVBf"6WfW&V'2FPg&FW"BFVvvVƖVB&W7V7G2RB7VFfFV@&G2b&BBF&rv6&Pv2ƖVǒFvWBFG&V&R7V6F76F2R76W76VB֖vB&RFW&VB'&fW''BFVVBvR&VƖWfRRv0FR&WfW'6Rb6v&BRv2&Bv&rGW7G&W2'W@VrB7G&rB&V6W72fr2bvvRp'WBfW'ƗGFRR2v&W"'&fW76BV6b&vG'W@&RbFR6BFW7W&FP&FW"vVR2ƖrBआR2&WB#RV'2B&F VFW"bFW6RVvR&VƖWfR֖vBfRfFVBF26Fr`VFW"B76W76VBFW6&RFF6'WB&F&VrvƖrF&6FV"ƗfW2V6vF6fFV6Rআ6VbFWfVvB&V6W6RFWvFVBFfvB27FFVBFRWfРg&W>( G&g&vRPfR&VVFR6VFFrbV66VB&B6vRvW&Rv@FBBv2BV6W76'vVFRWfFV6Rv2VVBF&R6VV7FVBFPFRf'7B7VV6f"FRFVfV6RB&W&VBR'WB2&6PFFƲ6gBb7VƖvB6PF&VvRbFRvFw2@6RF&V7FǒW>( f6R@6vVBR66"2f&VVB66"BWfW"F6VB&Vf&RWBFB&rBv2202fVGW&W2FR7W&RFRW'6VB6VRB2vV2BFVFRג7VV6FBR`FRvFW76W2BVFVBB'W@FV6R&VrFWWBR6B( ĒF( B&VƖWfPRvfvB( FRFW 7vW&VB( G'RB6VR( ЦBVFFVǒ&FG&WrW&FW&W2&WffW'0BBBFWvVB&fVBvFVRFRVFV֗76fW2fǖpF&V7F2VFW W&FVB6vbFW6&RFW66RFRFW"BFW&R2FVƖrrrFPfvB֖vBfR7FVBB@&6&G6&VVW&6VBvF'VWG2Bf~( 27FVgBvF6'G&FvR&6&G6v26BFP'&V7BF&VvFR6FRBF&VvFR&vB&B6VV27G&vRF@frv2BBW6WB6Ɩv@67&F6FRB2FRGvVvW&R666RFvWFW"FBFV"7F27BFV6VBV6FW"VWfV6G2vW&Rf&VB6'fpBffR'&6&G6&6&G6ǒƗfVBfWrVG2gFW"FP6Frfrv26W2FvBFRfW&F7BbFR6&W.( 0W'v6v2( 6VbFVfV6R( BPv2&VV6VB&6&G62&VFfW2F2f6GRv0g&v666&WBGvVGVvBV'2BFvWFW"vFFR&WGFW"672`W"6VGvRw&VFǒ&Vw&WBF0FW'&&Rff"vRFB&VƖWfRB0&W"vF6WGFRFff7VFW2@vR&R6FfRB2B66&FrFrV"FfR'WBbVW7B6FVRFW'67B6WGFƖpFV"F7WFW2vFf&R&2vRvV@&Rff"bFRGVVƖr77FVv6vVBBV6W76&ǒVFvW"FRƗfW2bF6Rv֖vB&P76rW"FvFR7G&VWBGFVFrFFV"v'W6W72vRFBrFBFW&R06W6RF6V7W&RFRƖ6RVW72@&RFW&vRWFVFRV6W76Gb7G&7FǒVf&6rFR&F6P&WfVFrFR6''rb66VVBvV2VFW"bFW6PVB&vBF6''7V6vV2v&W'22672&PFW7W&FRVFW66FW"@V6W76'FV"'W6W72FBFWVWWFV"fvFr&WWFFBWfW"FR&Vfb66VB6VBFW&RvVBF6''FVFǒvV2গB6VVVB2bBvVB&R76&RFBFRvFWBG0GG&7FrGFVF6א&V&2vW&RB7BFRW'FVvWFFRFR&6Rח6VbBWfW"F6VBB( FRFW"wW'2fvV@BFRW'FBBFRrFFV6FRFBW2v26VBFRfFv6fvVBv07B2VFW67F22F@v6fvVBFR7VGFb0WWr626G6'FǐgFW"W26RFF26G@26GV7B66RFBFR0&VV7V6FBFW&R&RfWrVখFR6GvfR6 7V6g&VG2ࠠ