Wagons West Chronicles October Issue 2016 October Issue - Page 14

October 2016 14 Study of Western Bad Men from page 13 blers, while to intimate to one of them that he was a murderer would be sure to result in his killing the insulter to prove he was not. Prominent among the desperadoes who flocked to Creede in its early days was a Kentuckian, who in his own state bore the name of Charles L. Creek, but who owing to his having had his features badly carved up by a bowie knife and his nose slashed out of shape, came to be known as “Broken Nose” Creek. Curiously enough, Kentucky has furnished more of these outlaws, than all of the other states put together. Creek served in the Union army during the war, and unlike most of the men in his native state, was a rampant Republican. It seems to have been the rule in these new towns and mining camps to select for their marshal or chief of police, a man who had already made a reputation as a killer. Before Creede was dreamt of Creek had qualified himself for the position of marshal by killing four men, in self-defense, he explained. The beginning made in civil life he kept bravely up as an official, and to him the distinguished honor of having supplied the corpse to start the graveyard in the new city. After Creede became more law abiding, it needed a higher type of city officials; “Broken Nose” Creek was elected out of office, and is reported to have been subsequently shot in a mining town on the Gunnison. I have said that the native born Englishman took more naturally to the calling of “bad man” than did the genuine Yankee. One of the most striking examples of this was Ben Thompson, an Englishman, who was brought out to Texas by his parents while he was yet a child. Thompson began his vicious career while still in his teens and before he was thirty he had killed eighteen men, a record that warranted his being elected marshal of the capital city of Austin. Had Thompson been a native born Texan, with a lineage of frontier ancestors running back for many generations, he could not have shown more skill as a rider and a shot. He was one of the few men of this class who came nearer being devoid of physical fear than any I know of. On one occasion, learning that two barkeepers in a certain establishment had sworn they would kill him if he ever came into their place he boldly walked in alone. As soon as he reached the middle of the room the two men, one on each side and not more than twenty feet away, raised their shotguns and fired at the same instant, but they were so frightened that they missed their mark, whereupon Wagons WestChronicles Thompson, who had been grimly smiling at them, drew his revolver and killed the two. It was the same desperate recklessness that led him into a quarrel with the proprietor of a theatre in San Antonio. Thompson would have killed the theatrical manager had not a boy named Sims, who was his assistant, drawn his pistol, stepped between the two, and sent three bullets through the desperado’s brain. The James’, Fords, and road agents of that class, while redhanded murderers, do not deserve to be classed with the western bad man who rather prides himself on his honesty, that is, he will not hold up a stage or a railroad train for the purpose of looting it, but he does not hesitate to make money by cheating tenderfeet and manipulating cards so as to win. A few years ago Harley McCoy, also a Kentuckian, having kil VBGvVখ2FfR7FFRB7FW&V@FR'BbW"fVB6VbVƖfVBf"FR&2bFRvW7FW&&BB6vVBWBF6&FW&R46B6P&V6R&L:|:bFRfW2"fW2( &N( 7FW'6FP&6Rb( ƶW'>( BFPVbvW7FW&7'G2आ&W46( 2r&WBF'G6V'2bvRFƗFR@7FfRR2F&7W&Ɩr"&6WW2BvW6RƗfPS6Ɩ6FvF6&B7FW'6ࠤ6Ɩ6FvF66WB2RG&W76W2vVBW6VVBF7FR2G6RW'627W&RFGG&7@GFVFvW&WfW"RvW2VFW"FRwVF6Rb7FW'6462V&VB'VFV6R@vRR7FVW2W26vFFR&WffW"RFW26&RFfBV'&VBFWfFW26VbFWrF&Vv0v&ƖrW7F&Ɨ6VBFVfW"FR7BFVBbFRvW7FW&&BVW&2&V6W6RP2FR7BW&FW'2F27&VFB0&@7FW'6আ6Vb7FW'6v2&&֖FFWF&WBF'G6V'2v0fFW"v2vVFFf&W"'W@FR&FBBf6Vbb0VGV6F'GVFW2vP262vW&R7GVGr@66Vr7FW'66VB&PfVBFRvG2&7F6rvF&WffW"BFF2V&ǒG&r2FV'BFRVV6vFFBvVv6P2F7VBFRV&W"`FVF27&VFFVBF&B7FW'6&vRFRvg&ffRFGvVGVvBW&2f"fW&vPvVB&R6FVV7FW'6@W7F&Ɨ6VB&WWFF26FW"vVRv2FR'6`FFvR6G62W&RFPV&ǒ6WfVFW22'&FW"vv2FR6W&fbv2VB'ffPFW26v&2262&@V&VBbF2R6VvBWBFPVBB6R6BFRvPffRFvRF7FwV6VB6VbF6RF22FfvFW"B'VffVFW"'W@vRRv2&7F6rvF0&fRB&WffW"RFBB6V6PFW&fV7B6Vb26vFFR6&G2vVFR&&G0VVBW6&FFFRv&@RvVBFFW"W7F&Ɨ6rVW&&Rv&Ɩr6W2@&V6W6Rb2fV&W76W72B06vFFR7Fv2VV7FV@'6BFffW&VBFW2b`FVfB6FW2V6`v6FW&R2BV7BRw&fRFR6VWFW'fVB'FRf7F`2&WffW"7FW'62`VFVVvBvFFVV7GVf6R7G&vR2B6VV@2BFF7FVBF&fG ƗV"2g&VG26BvF6rbW7F6RFBRWfW G&Wr2&WffW"W6WBFPFW&W7Bbrࠠ