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October 2016 10 Wagons West Chronicles th 47 ANNUAL The Old West In Print BISHOP MULE DAYS COWBOYS Cowboys , John Eggen , $19.95, 128 pages , Photos , Paper .Click To order Beginning with the cover photo, western buffs will be mightily entertained by this unusual book made up mostly of beautiful, large, clear photographs. On the cover readers see the chuck wagon cook pouring flour from a bucket into a washtub, one cowboy sitting inside a storage box on top of the chuck wagon, while another pours what looks like “white lightning” from a jug into somebody’s tin cup. Here you have the makings of a fine outdoor dinner. Bed rolls on the ground and smoke rising from the fire under enormous Dutch ovens tell it all. The book begins by telling the story of the original photographer Frank M. Sherman, who, along with his three cowboy brothers before 1900 rode the old-time trails driving cattle throughout Colorado and beyond. Frank eventually became a photographer, and by 1903 he owned a photo studio in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He wanted to expand his post card collection, so re-joined his brothers on a cattle drive at that time. During the drive he unexpectedly got information that President Theodore Roosevelt was traveling by train through Colorado, and the cowboys invited him to stop and enjoy a “cowboy chuck wagon breakfast” with them. Thus the president appears in this book laughing with the crew. His silk high-hat and elegant suit makes a comical contrast with the battered cowboy garb assembled around him. Everybody looks like they are having a great time. In 1906 Frank re-located to Oregon where he opened a photo shop, and also became a prominent small fruit grower. He married, had a family, but was tragically killed in a shooting accident at his farm in 1921. His widow abandoned the property, including Frank’s collection of glass negatives These precious negatives languished in the basement of the house until 1966 when a new lady owner of the property discovered the box and just before hauling it all to the city garbage dump, contacted the local photographer John Eggen. She asked if he would like to have the plates since she did not know anything about them and had no interest in it. Mr. Eggen accepted the offer, and when examining the contents of this mysterious box he found three hundred 5 X 7 glass plates, a treasure chest record of real old-time cowboys working on the open range. Mr. Eggen compiled a book which was published in 1992. Having grown up on a ranch in western South Dakota, Mr. Eggen appreciated these wonderful photos and careContinued on next column May 24th thru 29th the 47th Bishop Mule Days Celebration will take place. It’s arguably the finest, most fun and unique mule show in the world. What makes us so special? Bishop, California is located in the picturesque Owens Valley, situated under the 10,000 to 14,000 foot peaks of the White Mountains and Eastern Sierra Nevada’s. During the week leading up to Memorial Day hundreds of competitors and their mules converge on the Tri-County Fairgrounds to compete in over 200 classes which include English, western, cow working, roping, driving, chariot speed events, gymkhana, packing competitions, trail classes, dressage, reigning, fun classes, Americana, farm implements, weight pulling, and the interscholastic packing championships. Without a doubt, Bishop Mule Days highlights the talents, endurance and athleticism of the mule and 䁉ѕȁɔ)ѕѡ䁽ѡȁձ)͡܁Ѡ)%ѡӊéЁ՝ݔٔ)ѡѥ)ݕѕɸ))Q͑䁹Ёɥѡ)݉䁕ѕх́ѡͥ́ѡݽɱéЁչѽɥ镐Ʌ)Mɑ䁵ɹQɔ́ͼ)չ͕ͥ)չѥ́Ս́ѠY)9ѥAɬЁ ɥѱ)Aɕа!̰)]ѕɸ!ѽ5͕մ)5酹ȁ!ѽɥMє1)Iɽ5͕մչѱ)́ɕ́Ѽ͠)e׊eɔ٥ѕѼ)ЁѡոݕѕɸɅѥ)Ѽɥѡѕɸ)MɄ() ݉́ɽɕ٥́յ()ɥȁѡɅ)Ёݕɔ͕͔ɽݐ)ɐ)]ͅѡ=]Ё݅́ɕ䁄хMɕѡЁɕɬ)ɽͽݡٕ)!ݽQ́́͡ݡ)ՔɥЁ́и) ݉́))ȁ=]ЁɅ)ѽˊé9єQI٥ݕȰ)A山́5ɕ鄁́ѡ)ѡȁՉ̰͡)Ցѡٕ]ߊe)AՉ͡M1) ̰@< U٥)9܁eɬԴشФ)ܹ̹ͥ()ձɕ͕ٕѡɔȁ́Ѽ)͕)Aѕȁɕ́ݥ)ѡչ̰ѡ̰ѡ̰ѡ)ѕ䵕啐ɕͥ́ѡ)ɕݽɭ̸݉QՍ)݅́ѡȰՍ)͕̰ѱɅɅե́Ʌ̰ѡɽݥɽ)Ѽɥٕ̰́ɽѕ̰)ѡͽє́ɔɔ) ݉́ݽհqՙ)ϊtɹ͕̰́ո)ѡɽ՝ѡ̰ѽȁ̸ٕͥÍ͕ѡ)ѡ͵ѡɅ)ѥMѡ͔((0