Volumize Winter 2016 - Page 17

SPEAK NEEDS YOU JOIN THE TEAM... We are currently recruiting for Interns, Regional Support Workers and Campaigns Coordinators to help support the rest of the SPEAK Network. Internships are likely to involve: • Planning and organising events • Running workshops • Designing and writing campaign resources • Doing funding applications • Writing web-based resources • Research and development • Building partnerships • Admin and book keeping Regional Support Workers (RSWs) are totally key to our life as a grassroots movement, which relies completely on community and relationship across the Network. The role is all about building up these relationships – getting to know SPEAK members, Links and Groups in your region, listening to and sharing their great ideas, making connections to link people up, promoting SPEAK’s campaigns, events and resources, and offering them all kinds of support to keep doing the great campaigning for justice they are doing! Campaigns Co-ordinators support the Network’s campaigns by researching and planning effective, creative campaigns, taking ideas from the Network, applying for campaigns funding, speaking and running workshops, writing resources and more. The internship would be London-based, but RSWs and Campaign Co-ordinators can easily work from home or elsewhere, with occasional meetings in London and via Skype. These roles are unpaid – but we can help you to support yourself whilst working for the Network, either by helping you raise support from friends, family and churches, by letting you work part-time so you can also have a part-time paid job on the side, or possibly by providing free accommodation! Interested? Get in touch! speak@speak.org.uk or 0208 981 9441 Would you like to voluntary join our SPEAK core crew? For more information look at www.speak.org.uk/network/speak-core-crew www.speak.org.uk/about-us/jobs-2015 17