Volume 1, Issue 3 Volume 1, Issue 1 - Page 8

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM FOR YOUR CANNABIS BUSINESS As a marketing firm for cannabis products and services, we answer the question a lot… “What social media platforms should I be using?” So, maybe we can answer the question on more of a broader scope here. When we say “social media”, we are referring primarily to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram. We consider the second tier platforms to be Snapchat, Pinterest and Linked In. With that said, let me put out there that I think the most beneficial social media to a business owner (speaking from experience) is by far Linked In. Do I consider Linked In to be as beneficial of an approach to a product or services consumer? No. Linked In should be considered if your target market is a business owner, for that, there is nothing better. If your consumer is the public, move on. 8 Let’s start with Facebook. Facebook is the largest social media network out there with an estimated 1.44 billion active users. Facebook is hard to ignore, although at times you may want to, with the attitude Zuckenberg, et al, have taken toward cannabis. Facebook can be frustrating, because as a business or “fan page”, you have to literally get people to “like” your page. That’s not easy. At our office, we have several tips and tricks to alleviate the “like” problem, but even at that, it’s a challenge. What I can say is be creative. Facebook allows you to flip a personal page into a business page, albeit you will loose all your posts, photos, etc., but your “friends” will indeed become “likes”. Use the “invite” function from any personal page resources you have as well. One last thing, remember that Facebook’s audience is that of an older crowd. That’s about as much of the farm as I can give away. For the longest time I didn’t understand Twitter. It seemed like people were posting the dumbest things in strings of 140 characters. “I have to pee”… ridiculous. However, after my staff kept telling me that our clients were receiving the most engagement out of Twitter, I could no longer ignore it. I educated myself on the platform and began to understand the ways in which it could be used to grow engagement, branding and a business. Twitter boasts 302 million users that have impressive engagement numbers. Maybe it is societies protectiveness over their precious time that gives Twitter its increased engagement… you know, maybe it comes back to that 140 character thing. I mean it doesn’t take many minutes out of our lives to post 140 characters, right? So, yeah, Twitter can be fit into our busy lives, perhaps. Whatever the reason, it’s a viable player. My recommendation with Twitter would be to use the keyword hash tag function. For instance, if you own a dispensary in Seattle, search in the keyword box “#seattledispensary”. Those are the conversations you want to get into and the people you want to get hooked up with. On the flipside, make sure that you use “#seattledispensary” at the end of all your posts. Google Plus has gotten such a jacked up wrap. It is not dead. It is alive and well. Let me tell you why: Google Plus is the ONLY social media platform that will show up in an organic Google search. This wraps SEO into the deal. If someone searches “bud trimming” on Google, you will not see a post from Facebook or Twitter or any of the other social media platforms. However, you will see any relevant post from Google Plus. The advantage in that is priceless. As for the “circles” thing, it just works pretty much the same way as “friends” within Facebook functions. Instagram was another one on my skeptical list. I pretty much wrote that one off to what my teenage kid had her face glued to when she was rolled 9