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THE WORLD’S CLOSEST REPLICA OF THE SUN. ALTA LED TECHNOLOGY. Letter from Editor RAPID GROW CYCLES. Welcome to the first issue of The Cannabis Marketing Lab Magazine! THE CANNABIS I can’t even begin to describe what a wild ride it’s been in this industry during the past couple of years. I’ve had a traditional marketing firm for 10 years and I’ve seen a lot of trends and craziness, but nothing like this. With that said, let me say how much fun it’s been! I didn’t intend to get in this industry, but everything happens for a reason. Shortly after entering the arena, it hit very close to home about just how much medicinal cannabis can help people that seek to live even a bit of a pain free life. So not only could I give this industry my marketing knowledge and experience, but I also gave it my heart. It’s my intent to put out some information that will assist all of you cannabis entrepreneurs in growing your businesses. We will share with you tips and tricks that we have learned and continue to learn along our journey. We will share great content by some amazing people in the industry. This industry, this marketplace, this legalization movement will not slow down, in fact, it will only move faster as this moment in time progresses. You can either keep pace, or you can get run over. Marketing will play a major part in that role. Marketing has and always will be the lifeline of a business. It’s the air your business will breathe when it takes its next breath. FILM FESTIVAL HP4S PROVIDES GROW LIGHTS FOR INDOOR GARDENING AND URBAN FARMINS FOR THE MAXIMUM PROTECTION H I G H P O W E R 4 S . C O M April 23-24, 2016 www.cannabisfilmfestival.com So, let me thank my amazing team over here at The Cannabis Marketing Lab. You are all so incredibly awesome. Thank you for everything you do for all of our clients. Your hearts are in it and that is what makes us the best. We don’t point fingers, we don’t say go somewhere else for this or that, we just figure it out. We get it done each and every time. I don’t want to let you guys down because you don’t want to let our clients down. It means a lot. I also want to thank our great contributors, David Kotler, Kellie Brown and Abe Villegas… great articles. Ok, so I won’t keep you any longer! Get to reading some great articles in this social media focused edition. Thank you for riding the wave with us and give me a ring… I don’t charge to chat ;). Cheers, Celeste Miranda Publisher 2 3