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ticle. Oh, wait; the title was “How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Cannabis Business”. Ok, so the no BS, cut to the chase answer is: It depends. Facebook is the largest and will always be around, but I question if it is indeed, the most useful. Engagement rates are going down on it. Every other social media platform does not engage in limiting the audience for which posts are seen. Facebook does. You could post something, have 2000 likes, but only 20 people will see it based on Facebook’s own criteria. No other social media platform will withhold like that. Twitter has held it’s own and does bring in active engagement quite well. Instagram is on a very fast paced growth and shouldn’t be ignored if you have a product. It’s a bit more challenging to use a photo-based social media if you own a service. Pinterest is a sleeper that does have some worth, especially if your audience is female driven. Snapchat is one to watch in future, but only if your product or service is targeted to a younger demographic. Linked in serves a very definite and proven purpose, networking with busi- ness owners and executives. I definitely know one thing for sure, that if you only take one thing from this article, let it be to establish a Google Plus account and post productively to it, using hash tags and keywords. Establish and add your audience to your “circles” and you will kill two birds with one stone, productive social media and simple organic SEO. By Celeste Miranda, Founder and CEO of The Cannabis Marketing Lab www.thecannabismarketinglab.com celeste@thecannabismarketinglab.com 805-744-2424 Better Lighting Smarter Growing: HP4S for the BEST Growing Results Easy to Install | Saves Money | Planet Happy Discover the Full Spectrum HP4S Grow Light Series—perfect for all Technology delivers intensity to replace both 1000 watt metal halide and 1000 watt high pressure sodium. ▲ Cost Savings: uses 70% less energy, creates 70% less heat for lower costs overall ▲ Earth Friendly: mercury free = better for the planet ▲ Easy Installation: Plug and play—needs no upgrades available from LEDLightandFlower.com info@LEDLightandFlower.com • 702.485.5199 • HighPower4S.com 100% Made in the USA Herbal Extracts www.herbalextracts.com PURVEYORS OF THE WORLD’S FINEST BOTANICAL EXTRACTS 12 Coming SOON 13