Volume 1, Issue 3 Volume 1, Issue 1 - Page 10

Pinterest is interesting. It’s definitely had its ups and downs and for the longest time I think people thought if they wanted to get recipes or crotchet design ideas, go to Pinterest. It’s definitely evolved since then. You can now purchase products on Pinterest, which is kind of cool. Keep in mind that the audience within Pinterest is 85% women, so if your product or service appeals to women, Pinterest is your place. Last I heard Pinterest offered 72.8 million users. Not bad. Snapchat is a world unto its own. Age demo is 13-25, pretty young. 70% of users are women. Sitting right around 80 million active users and 400 “snaps” sent per day. Think Instagram meets Vine. Ideally, brands can now create a Snapchat account and advertise for follower opt-in by leveraging other social media channels. Because snaps and stories are temporary, a sense of urgency is created to grasp fleeting information, whether it is a promotion, give away or a behind these scenes point-of-view. The promise of unique, real-time information is your audience’s incentive to follow you. Latest news is that you can send money through Snapchat, termed “Snapcash”. 10 So this brings me to the conclusion of this ar- TUNE IN! Every other Tuesday @ NOON PST THE CANNABIS & HEMP up in a ball on the couch. But then my firm began working with a hemp energy drink and the winds changed. Their Instagram account was one of the largest followed and engaged. I realized that if you have a product or service whose target market is in the 18-24 age range, Instagram shouldn’t be ignored. Instagram grew by 50% between March and December 2014 and exceeded the 305 million-user mark. This means that the photo-sharing social network is now bigger than Twitter (302 million) in terms of active users and, crucially, with much faster growth momentum and 90 million shared photos per day. Some of those should probably be yours. Instagram now also boasts an advertising platform that may come in handy if they are within your target market age range. One last thing here is that images live longer on this platform than anywhere else. Why? My guess is because it’s such e \