Volume 1, Issue 2, February 2015 - Page 9

Also, putting the hooks at the right depth by playing out the right amount of line and controlling the boat speed are crucial, as is finding the fish and attacking them from different angles to see how they are oriented in the water.

On top of experience you need heavy duty equipment to handle these fish as they will test it thoroughly.

After spending the day with Rusty I can highly recommend his services and I know that he will put in the effort to ensure your success. Rusty is one of only a couple of full-time guides on

Grand Lake and he offers trips for paddlefish from late fall into the spring, as well as trips for catfish, bowfishing, and more mainstream

species like white bass. He can be reached at 918-964-0174, or through his website:


Rusty's biggest paddlefish is a 106 lb. behemoth !

Rusty is a native of Oklahoma and has been guiding for 16 years; full-time for the last 3.

SeaArk's ProCat 240 makes a great platform for Rusty's clients to catch different species, it even works for bowfishing.

One of my

4 fish that day.


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