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February, 2015

I'd like to get a converter and run my trolling motor off of my generator. What do I need to consider?

-Ryan, MN

This is a great question Ryan and one we will explore in-depth in upcoming issues of the magazine. A converter takes AC current from a generator and "converts" it to DC power. All trolling motors run off of DC power and, depending on their thrust ratings, require 12, 24, or 36 volts.

A battery, or bank of batteries connected in series, supply the required voltage to the trolling motor. Depending on how the troller is driven determines how long the batteries will last. Run the motor at high speed and the batteries die quicker.

To combat this, a converter is used between the gener-ator and the trolling motor to keep it at full power for as long as the generator is running.

Converters require power to function. For example, a popular converter, like the

Powermax PM3 (55 amp capacity at 12 volts) requires approximately 780 watts to function. One of these converters will power up to 55 amps of load at 12 volts, roughly equivalent to a small trolling motor up to 55lb of thrust.

Larger trolling motors come in 24V and 36V config-urations. Two batteries are required For a 24V troller, and Powermax makes 24V converters that can supply 20 to 50 Amps, however larger 36V trollers require 3 batteries and 3 seperate 12V converters (1 connected to each battery), plus a generator large enough to power them.

My 36V troller requires a 30A plug adapter and a triple plug extension cord. I trip the breaker on a 15A circuit running 3 converters simultaneously.

Your results may vary though depending on the capabilities of your generator and the condition of your batteries.

Contact the manufacturer of your trolling motor to learn the maximum amp draw at the highest speeds for the motor. Then deter-mine which converter will

best meet this requirement.

Last, make sure that your

generator is up to the task by supplying enough watts to run the converters, as well as everything else running on the boat (lights, accessories, etc...).

There is a lot to consider when powering your boat for all night fun, and converters become mandatory when DC voltage is needed for a long period of time.

Is Obscure Adventures Magazine available as a regular printed magazine?

-Shane, MO

Our goal at Obscure Adventures Magazine is to bring our readers the best information relating to the sports we are passionate about.

With our current digital format we can provide so much more information than just the written words in the articles, like links to manufacturers, instructional videos, etc...

With that said, we are exploring the possibility of printing copies of the magazine for distribution. As we build our readership, and if there is a significant interest in printed copies we will make it happen.

The digital publisher we are using (Joomag) does offer printing services, but the prices are fairly high.

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