Volume 1, Issue 2, February 2015 - Page 3

Well, it's official, Obscure Adventures Magazine is online and people every-where have a new location to get great information on the outdoor activities they enjoy, as well as some they may have never considered.

Take for example this month's creature feature, the paddlefish. A species that predates the dinosaurs by 50 million years. It's a true survivor, however after all these years the ambitions of man and the dams we build serve as the biggest challenge this fish has ever faced. However, with the scientific knowledge we gather from the remaining population strongholds, we can assist this species to regain it's former glory and protect it across it's historic range.

Obstacles aside, the paddlefish is a true freshwater giant. The all-time record tipped the scales at 198 pounds way back in 1916, but fish over 100 pounds have still been landed in recent years. As a filter feeder, the fish can grow very quickly under the right conditions. The flesh is firm and the filets produce very high quality meat. The roe (eggs) are also highly prized as a source of caviar if prepared properly.

In this issue we'll explore what is special about the paddlefish and give you tactics for landing a "spoonie" on your own. However, when it comes to hooking up with a fish that's not interested in any bait offerings, employing a guide with the right equipment, experience, and tactics could really reduce your learning curve. We'll introduce you to one of the best in the business.

Over the past couple of years I've been experimenting with ways to make my time on the water as a bowfishing guide more enjoyable. That includes auto-mating elements of the driving process like steering, throttle control and shifting. I currently use industrial joysticks with switches, relays, and actuators to make things work effortlessly on my own boat and I'll explain how you can incorporate these pieces into your setups too.

Finally, the new Muzzy XD Pro is on the market and early adopters are laying their hands on the reel for the first time. It incorporates a switch mechanism to replace the old pushbutton feature standard on most spincasters. We'll give you a first-hand account of our experience with the reel and help you make your own decisions.

- Capt. Pete Gregoire

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