Volume 1, Issue 2, February 2015 - Page 23


Obscure Adventures Magazine

Regional Reports



The Wisconsin Bowfishing Association (WBA) has cemented their 2015 tournament schedule. Visit their website for more information. They will be in attendance at the Madison Fishing Expo from February 27-March 1.

Wisconsin is also excited about hosting both the AMS Big 30 on June 6th and the BAA World Championships on July 25th.

Sturgeon spearing on Winnebago Lake and upriver lakes is scheduled to start on February 14. It will continue until March 1, or until the caps are reached. Cap quotas were increased 6% over 2014 totals. More info can be found here.


The Bowfishing Association of Illinois (BAI) is actively attending sports shows in their state to promote bowfishing and introduce it to show-goers with hands-on exhibits. Their next show is at the Rockford Outdoor Sports And Boat Show on February 20th-22nd.

Illinois is also facing a challenge to some of their existing laws regarding tournaments, the permit process, and the harvest of native fish species. Here is a summary of the proposed rulings:

Tournament Harvest Limits for all waters – No more than 10 native fish (all species in aggregate) daily tournament harvest (no culling) limit (all fish taken must be legal to take with bowfishing methods) except in Special Fish Management Areas designated by the Department where less restrictive harvest limits may be specified in the Permit. All invasive fish (legal to take with bowfishing methods) have an unlimited take limit.

Issuance or denial of a permit shall be based upon the following criteria: 1. The capability of the fishery resource to absorb the tournament with

minimal impact to its well-being.

2. The inclusion of no more than 10 native fish daily harvest limit (all legal to take with bowfishing methods) except in special management areas as authorized by the Department. All invasive fish (legal to take with bowfishing methods) have an unlimited take limit.

The Illinois DNR will open a public comment period after the official press release slated for February 6.


The Land of Lakes Bowfishing Association will be attending Fish Fest Minnesota in Shakopee, MN from February 13-15th. Stop by to learn more about their organization and bowfishing in Minnesota.

The 2015 International Eelpout Festival is taking place on February 19th-22nd on Leech Lake. Party it up while fishing for one of the ugliest fish around.


The Bowfishing Association of Michigan hosted their annual meeting on on January 31. Visit their website or Facebook page for more information.