Volume 1, Issue 2, February 2015 - Page 20


February, 2015

back on. Not the case with the lever. If you're not holding the arrow and you flip the switch the line will spill out quickly.

It took me a little while to get used to, but I started leaving more line out after reeling in, allowing me to nock the arrow and take up the slack before pushing the switch to free-spool. I found this easiest done with my shooting hand as the right-to-left motion with my left index finger wasn't easy. It required muscles that aren't normally used in daily life.

The shots I were taking were difficult and I only managed to hit one fish, but unfortunately it pulled off after a short struggle. When he was on and fighting I had no concern that the reel would let me down, or do some-thing I wasn't expecting. The drag system appears to be identical to the standard XD reel.

Overall the installation was a bit cumbersome and will require somewhat specialized tools. Also, I believe the reel seat could still use a little refinement and some added length.

The switch mechanism works, but will take some getting used to. I believe that if the plastic switch lever was longer and extended up past the body of the reel it would allow for easier switches with the use of a fully-

extended index finger on the bow hand. However, I could see the the plastic lever breaking if too much pressure is exerted against it.

Experiment - wag a bent index finger left to right , then try it again fully-extended and feel the difference.

Over the next few months I'll be using the reel more and letting my friends shoot it as well. If there are any new developments we'll let you know.

One problem some fishermen have had is that the ring gear strips out when the reel is worked hard against big fish.

Muzzy beefed up the large gear in the XD Pro (right) vs. the standard XD (left) to combat this

The XD Pro cap (Right) is quite a bit longer, than the standard XD cap on the left. This allows the line to come off the reel easier, but may interfere with some existing rods due to their length.


the Muzzy XD Pro