Volume 1, Issue 2, February 2015 - Page 18


February, 2015

Early adopter - a term used when someone buys an item, or uses a new technology, before it's had a chance to really catch on.

I'm not that person usually, but after my positive experiences with the Muzzy XD reel, the new Muzzy XD Pro reel is very intruiguing.

For 2015, Muzzy has introduced a reel with a different switch mechanism that keeps the bail from engaging in one position (to the left) for shooting, while the other position (to the right) engages the bail and allows line to be retrieved. It's a pretty slick concept.

In addition to the switch, Muzzy permanently attached a heavy-duty reel seat directly to the reel. A nice addition and one less thing to shop for. There are two other nice features on the new reel as well: a longer cap allowing the line to spool out easier and a beefier ring gear to help prevent stripped gears when hunting big fish.

My package arrived from Backwater Outdoors just a few days after I ordered the reel through their online store. Upon opening it and handling the reel for the first time, I could see and feel the quality of the parts used to make this device.

What you see in the picture to the upper right is all that was in the box. A reel, fully loaded with 150 lb. braided line, permanently mounted on its own reel seet, with two washers and an allen head screw. The total - $89.95

plus tax and shipping. If you were to buy similar components separ-ately, you would most likely exceed that figure.

The reel was destined for a PSE Discovery 2. My workhorse bows

that I use while guiding and I also shoot myself. The installation appeared straightforward enough; insert the bolt through the washers, the reel seet, and into the stabilizer bar hole on the front of the bow's riser.

All was going to plan and I knew that I would need an allen wrench to finish the job, however I wasn't able to fit a standard L-shaped allen wrench into the bolt's head because of the clearance between the reel seet and the lower limb pocket. Luckily

I had the tool I needed in socket form. A 1/4 inch diameter hex socket of the extra long variety. This tool, on a 3/8 ratchet, made quick work of tightening the bolt, until I hit my next snag.

While tightening the reel seet to the riser the cable rod that holds the cable slide was protruding approximately 3/8" beyond the riser, preventing a flush mount of the reel seat. I weighed my

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Muzzy xd

pro series

Taking a classic design to new places

by Pete Gregoire

The Muzzy XD Pro features a built-in, heavy duty reel seat and a lever switch to replace the push-button on the standard XD

The fit was too tight between the reel seat and the cable rod. I chose to add a spacer instead of moving the rod.