Voila Project Report Vol.I - Page 8

Secondary Research Secondary research was carried out through the internet. Online forums and blogs on were read to get an overall idea of position of Voila in market, how it is used, for what purpose, it’s reviews and who are it’s current audience. Review websites were read to understand and compare the features of Voila and that how much preference is given to what tool. The insights got after the secondary research were: -Other similar softwares used by people are command+shift+4, Hypersnapz, Grabber, SnagIt, LittleSnapper -Voila is liked by people because of it’s rich feature set like capturing small area of the screen, annotation tools, sharing to mail and iPhoto, saving images in various formats -The interface of other applications are liked better by users -Generally used by professionals like developers, managers, bloggers, consultants, graphic and web designers -Used in domains like presentation making, news and publications, web design, blogs, digital investigations, graphic based solutions, computer instructors, etc. -Most used features were screen capture and annotation tools unlike effects like filters, spotlight, and folders. -Installation, compatibility, image scaling and several other technical issues were faced by people -Highly priced as compared to other softwares, many of which are free. Page 7