Voila Project Report Vol.I - Page 7

Scope The scope of the research extends from market comparisions to hueristics, usability, information architecture, cognition, interface and interaction design. A study of the existing application was made. Other similar applications too were studied and compared. Literature review was done to gain insight and understanding of the problem at hand. User research was conducted to obtain specific pain points of the application and needs of the users. Limitations Time duration The project undertaken was a part of the Design Project module which was for six weeks, hence, an extensive user research was not possible. Availability Limited numbers of users could be interviewed as few people used Apple machines. Exposure -None of the participants were aware of Voila application. -Most of the participants use professional softwares like adobe photoshop, illustrator and others like picasa and pixlr. Research Methods The research method followed were -Secondary Research: Literature review -Competitive Analysis -Hueristic Evaluation -Contextual Inquiry Page 6