Voila Project Report Vol.I - Page 52

Interaction Patterns & Screens Buttons in the application reveal drop down menus on mouse over and user can select option from it. A default action is executed on mouse click of these buttons. However, the user can change the default action from the preferences. Else based on the usage pattern, the action would change( if no preference is set). The application would be adaptive to the user, responding according to the user preferences and it’s usage paterns. After taking a capture,it would ask the user to annotate(and hence navigate to Voila application) and not automatically open up the application. On selection of a tool in the tool bar at the bottom, it’s properties would be displayed at the right side of the bar. On selection of ‘Part of Screen’, ‘DOM Objects’ and ‘Menus’ options, the application would recede to the background. On selection of ‘Fullscreen’ and ‘Webpage’ options, the capture would be taken and displayed in the appliction itself, without any navigation or window switching. A ‘Hold’ capsule is provided next to the folder name in the thumbnail bar to hold the folder and save the captures directly to that folder. This saves user the extra effort of drag drop from another folder to the desired folder after the captures have been taken (saved in ‘All Images’ by default). The images would be available in the ‘All Images’ folder also. The capsule gets highlighted when a folder is held and dimmed when no folder is held. Vertical scroll bars are provided wherever there is more information is to be displayed. When shortcut keys for screen capture are pressed, the application reads the current open application and displays options for capturing according to that. For example, if the user is browsing and presses the shortcut keys for screen capture, options available for taking capture from the web are displayed (’Browser Screen’, ‘Partial Screen’, ‘Full Webpage’ and ‘As pdf’) in the upper right corner of the screen. User can select any of options or press enter to by default take Fullscreen capture. Apart from these, OSX Human Interface Guidelines have been followed to design the application. Page 51