Voila Project Report Vol.I - Page 39

Concept #5 Voila Capture Tools Organize Share Effects Properties Pencil Arrow Callout Blur Crop Marquee The main functions of the application are highighted in this concept. Hovering over the capture button reveals a drop down menu with all the options to take a capture. The default action on pressing the button is fullscreen capture which would gradually change over time according to the usage. The by default action can be personalised too. The tools and effects are placed at the bottom in form of tabs. The image thumbnails are at the right hand side with a scroll bar to see older captures. Organiser and share buttons (with drop down menu options) are placed at the upper left side. Image information is available in the contxtual menu. Several other features have been included like i.Prompt to ask the user if they want to make notations after taking a capture instead of directly going to the application ii.Option to hold a particular folder and straight away saves captures in it (instead of drag drop from another folder) iii.Taking screen capture of a webpage(current URL) from the application itself wthout navigating to Voila browser or default browser Page 38