Voila Project Report Vol.I - Page 3

Brief Revamp of a Mac OSX screen capture application called "Voila" Application Overview Voila is primarily a screen capture utility for Mac OSX with the following being its main features : - Screen image capture - Screen video capture - Web page capture - Annotations on photos - Photo editing - Managing collections of photos and videos - Sharing to external storage and social sites. Opportunities Scope of Work: - Understanding the current state of the application - Define problem areas across the application - Define a new direction for a complete redesign - Redefining set of features based on user behaviours and needs - A new refined information architecture - Newer ways of interactions based on context - Wireframe representation of all the sections of the app with defined behaviours of all screen elements - Mockup prototypes and usability testing - Final UI design - A graphic pallet for the application. Expected Outcomes A documentation of the existing version analysis, new directions for changes, design process, information architecture, interaction patterns, wireframes, prototyping and final design. Page 2