Voila Project Report Vol.I - Page 27

Insights 1. Capturing the selection is a problem and not intuitive. 2. What marquee tool does is not evident. 3. Changing color of a callout and text is confusing 4. Cannot annotate beyond image borders 5. Saving in collections(especially smart collect) is not very easy to understand. 6. Effects tab not frequently used 7. Switching between windows is irritating. 8. Time lag after pressing ‘fullscreen’ option leaves the user wondering if something went wrong. 9. No feedback after screen capture in built-in browser. 10.Text properties lacks proper architecture and basic options like bold and alignment. 11.Confusion as to open the Voila application first or the window of the screen which needs to be captured 12.Shortcut keys too complicated and not easy to remember. 13.Stop button(video) is not easily visible 14.Users try and use tools on video which is not available in the application. 15.Stop recording dropdown is also recorded in the video. 16.Users don’t know where the images are saved on the desktop. 17.Images in the organizer are too small, almost like a thumbnail. 18.Publishing is perceived as saving and users search for export option(to discover that save as is export). 19.Shortcut keys do not work everytime as expected. 20.While snapping shots using Voila browser, dedicated buttons are not generally used. ‘selection’ option is used, which brings the desktop to be captured. 21.Users try to annotate before taking the screenshot 22.Problem to switch from Voila browser to application main window. ‘fullscreen’ does not convey the meaning and ‘done’ option is not clearly visible. 23.Drag drop a video to Voila window and then recording it is not possible. 24.Voila icon in menu bar very different from Voila icon everywhere else. 25.To use just the last tool used, the tool icon needs to be selected again each time. 26.Last used color is not remembered. 27.No option to change the default gradient in a callout. 28.No feeback while the video recording is going on. 29.Sharing is not very easy, configuring accounts not very desirable by users. Page 26