Voila Project Report Vol.I - Page 26

USER #8 [TASK 1: Take a screenshot of a webpage of yourchoice and use the editing tools and effects to explain whatever you want on the page. TASK 2: Take a video capture of anything on the desktop/webpage and try to publish it on Youtube.] TASK 1 1. Opened the active URL in Voila browser under the WEB button. 2. Tried to use Main Tools, and was confused upon disappearance of the application. 3. Tried to switch between browser and organizer but was unable to do so. 4. Tried to use the mouse wheel to zoom and left-click-hold to pan the capture. Was unable to do so. 5. Tried to adjust text in callouts but got confused. 6. Tried to use the ‘connecting lines’ tool, but was unable to end the process. TASK 2 1. Tried to use iSight. Quickly realized it is not the record button. 2. Noticed the shortcut prompt but couldn’t remember it. 3. Was expecting some sort of feedback during video capture. 4. Went to application and pressed the now changed red recording button and thought recording had stopped. 5. Had to be told recording is still going on. Finally used panel button to stop recording. 6. Exported the video using drag-drop. Page 25