Voila Project Report Vol.I - Page 24

USER #4 [To take screenshots of three e-commerce websites, annotate and save them in a collection] 1. Uses select option and chooses rectangle. 2. Goes to browser and takes a screenshot. 3. Uses arrow tool 4. Changes arrow color. 5. Uses text option and tries to make a big text box, which he couldn’t. 6. Uses slider to increase font size. 7. Searches for bold option (not available). 8. Takes screenshot of second website, a selected area. 9. Tries to add text outside the image boundary(Voila does not allow it) 10.Adds a callout 11.Takes screenshot of third website(moves mouse towards dock in the time taken to go to application). 12.Uses blur tool and text tool. 13.Makes a smart collection but cannot drag drop. 14.Makes a collection and saves drag drops the three images in it. USER #5 [TASK 1: Take a screenshot of a webpage of yourchoice and use the editing tools and effects to explain whatever you want on the page. TASK 2: Take a video capture of anything on the desktop/webpage and try to publish it on Youtube.] TASK 1 1. Opened in-built browser and entered URL. 2. Tried to annotate before snapping the screen. 3. Tried to snap using Main Tools. 4. Tried to go back to organizer, didn’t know how? 5. Couldn’t switch between browser and organizer. 6. Couldn’t easily find text edit properties. 7. Couldn’t edit text that had already been entered again. TASK 2 1. Imported video clip using ‘import’ option. 2. Realized that video capture within application is not possible. 3.Opened the video in VLC and used selection capture. Didn’t notice STOP instruction. 4.Couldn’t find stop button. Tried using esc. Ultimately used panel options. 5. Tried to export, couldn’t find option. Hence used save as. 6. Opened Youtube and uploaded via active browser. Page 23