Voila Project Report Vol.I - Page 23

Actions performed USER #1 [Tell us about your website. take a screenshot and annotate it and use whatever tools you like. Save it in a new collection/folder] 1. Opens Voila then her website in the default browser. 2. Selects rectangle option from selection and selects the area. 3. Used the camera option on top right to capture it. 4. Used text tool 5. Copy pasted the text once written and changed the text in it 6. Tried to use line tool unsuccessfully 7. Used pencil tool to highlight(make circles) 8. Changes color of text and pencil strokes 9. Used marquee tool unsuccessfully 10.Checked the publishing option to save the image 11.Used the menu bar to save image at desired location USER #2 [To take a screenshot of NID website home page and explain about it. Also upload the image to email it ] 1. From previous user, a video was open and tried to annotate on it (informed that it is not possible to annotate on videos) 2. Asks from where to open Voila browser (knew from the demo given) 3. Types in the url 4. Couldn’t figure out how to take a screenshot (was helped) 5. Was trying to find out how to go back to the application main window. 6. Couldn’t understand the tool term and was looking for text option(was helped) 7. Used arrow tool. 8. Used text tool. 9. Changes color after a little trial and error. 10.Changed color of text and arrows. 11. Removes shadow from arrow 12. Asks if centre align option is not available. 13.Experienced a little difficulty to find blur tool 14. Used ctrl+s to save the image, but was not sure if it was saved. 15.Used save as option from menu bar to save it on desktop. USER #3 [To take a screenshot from the web and save it in a collection(smart or otherwise)] 1. Was a little confused and took some time to figure out how to take screenshot. 2. Selected the area (on desktop)and took a second to guess and press enter to capture. 3. Opens Voila browser and clicks on selection button. 4. Presses the camera icon (multiple times) and then finds how to go back to the application window. 5. Uses full screen option. 6. Notices that there are tags on the right hand side. 7. Saves image in smart collection using the tags. Page 22