Voila Project Report Vol.I - Page 22

Contextual Inquiry User types We sought mac users who had varying levels of proficiency in photo and video editing. These represent the target market for our application. The users have varied demographics and work experience. Background of Users We conducted the interviews with mostly graduate students who had varying level of work experience with photo and video editing but were new to Voila. All the graduates are pursuing higher studies at National Institute of Design, Bangalore. One of the them is from Delhi and has been freelancing (web design) after her graduation for two years. She is an expert user of software editing tools, but she used Voila only for the second time for this interview. Another graduate is from Bhilwara and not from a technical background. He is however proficient in using several softwares. He used Voila for the first time for the interview. He was however given a quick demo of what all Voila could do before given a task. One of the graduates, from Bangalore, is currently working with a company as user experience designer for his internship and is from fine arts background. He too used Voila for the first time, but after a quick demo. Another graduate from Chennai, an engineer was interviewed. He is quite acquainted with Voila and is also proficient in photo and video editing softwares. Process and environment All of the interviews were conducted at users’ workplace on their laptops or PCs. They were informed as to why the interview is being held and how they are going to help in it. The user had to use Voila for a small task given and could use any of the tools. They were told to think out loud while working. The conversation with the users started with taking an appointment with them. We would then go to their workstations, engage in small talk and then give them a task/ motivation to use the application. The interview was more of observation and silent listening to the users thinking out loud. Only at a few places the users were asked questions. Observations and insights were shared