Voila Project Report Vol.I - Page 11

Findings Summary Heuristic evaluation of the application resulted in a few findings of usability issues. SR.No Heuristic 1 #1 Visibility of system status 2 #2 Match between system and real world 3 4 5 #3 User control and freedom #4 Consistency and standards #5 Error prevention Problem -No intimation of screen capture saved when taking screenshots from a browser -Selection of menu button makes the application screen disappear suddenly with a small message. -Text color option is same as color fill option for chat bubble which is not very evident and there is no intimation that it is active to be used. -The lock object option does not tell whether the object is locked or not and what happens when it is locked. -Labelling is not apt. Labels like ‘fullscreen’, ‘selection’, ‘object’ and ‘menu’ do not convey the action they perform -The copy and paste labels in shadow option do not clearly state what action they perform. -All navigation options available but are not very obvious -Making a new collection and saving pictures in it according to user preferences is tedious. -When using web option, ‘fullscreen’ and ‘done’ do redundant tasks. -Video editing cannot be done in Voila and when a video is selected, the tools and effects bars are not disabled. -A video can be played in the tray and in workbench too. It creates confusion as when video plays in tray, it does not play in the workbench simultaneously. -Confirmation errors are given while flattening images but the terminology is not clear. 6 #6 Recognition rather than recall -Shortkeys and stop radio button are used to stop recording a video. -Stop button is not easily visible and user has to remember the shortcut keys to use the other option. -No instruction as to how to capture a screenshot after selecting the desired area on screen. 7 #7 Flexibility and efficiency of use -No slider or option to manual feed pixel size in eraser and line options. -Tedious way to increase/decrease size by 1 each time by clicking on arrows provided. -No accelerators available to speed up expert user’s work. 8 #8 Aesthetic and minimalist design -Aesthetically not pleasing and professional. Icons are chunky and flashy. -Improper arrangement of tools 9 #9 Recover from error -Gives crash message Page 10