Voices of Poetry & Prose Issue #1 June 2014 - Page 7

Inside of me was a song.

A melody, uniquely mine.

It was written specifically

for me, before I was ever born.

At birth, my song was planted

in the soil of my heart - as a seed.

As I was loved and loved others

that seed was nurtured to grow.

The fertile soil of my heart watered

my seeds of song as they sprouted.

Their leaves reaching for the Light of Love,

blooms spread open in song.

Then one day, a shadow stranger

paid a visit to my heart garden.

He blocked the Light of Love,

stealing lyrics from my song blooms.

The stranger crushed the petals,

blowing their dust from his hand.

The lyrics scattered on the wind,

lost to my heart's perception.

My heart song has been silent

for as long as I can remember.

Brief chords of its melody

haunt the edges of memories.

The scattered petal dust of my song,

awaits the return of the Light of Love.

Whose power, shall change petal dust

into the seeds of song once again

© 2014 Kirsten Uninterrupted