Voices of Poetry & Prose Issue #1 June 2014 - Page 4




by Memoirs of a Dragon

Unique ..... Infinities

Unwrapped aurous ughtens

Unlit novae ..... waiting

Uninterrupted ..... Faith

Unbosom thy hearts past

Ultramarine hoof prints

Unicorn memories

© 2014 Memoirs of a Dragon


by Memoirs of a Dragon

Two tears

always .....

Two tears

only .....

unnoticed by overshadowed wraiths

fixated solely on dew and gloss

perceived by a solitary heart

attendant soulfully to ..... possibilities

One azure tear of unparalleled destinies

as yet unknown to her

One cerulean tear of unrivalled joys

as met knowingly by her

Relics surround her coerced choice of stage

riveted by flash and flesh

ignorant of her ancestral hardihood

else they would flee this Dictaean Cave

Beyond the revolving chaos .....

seek only those that will ..... share

© 2014 Memoirs of a Dragon