Voices of Poetry & Prose Issue #1 June 2014 - Page 25

Just another day, stuck in the back of the dark cupboard. I seemed to be spending an awful lot of my time in this dang cupboard. To make matters worse, Sophia had placed me upside down. Where I had once stood proudly my rim open to the air, I now stood with my derriere sticking up for all to see. It was quite embarrassing, if you ask me. Of course, nobody ever asked me anything these days. But, boy if they did I would give them an earful.

The cupboard door swung open splashing my sisters and brothers with beams of light. They sparkled and preened as they anticipated their release from the stuffiness of our confinement. I could hear their excited murmurs as they placed bets about who would be chosen first. Prissy, my pink tinged sister, was the first to escape. She was a favorite of the girl who lived outside the cupboard. Scotty, who was yellow tinged, was chosen second. This brother of mine was a squat sturdy fellow who was favored by the man called, “Dad.”

As my dainty mother was picked for the lady of the house, she whispered reassurances to me that today was the day that I would be chosen. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she was wrong. I knew I wouldn’t be chosen today or any day in the near future.

I had gone from first place to last in the twinkle of my glass. I had been relegated to the back of the cupboard ever since the oldest son had left for college. He had treasured me above all of my brothers and sisters. I had been the “Glass-man”…and now…well I was just a glass. A forgotten, neglected glass with his derriere pointing skyward!

I was doomed to a glass’ worst nightmare…being empty for the rest of my shelf life. I was the “empty glass” that my family and our plate, saucer, and cup cousins whispered about. The black glass of the family!

So, take this advice from me - an empty glass- enjoy each day that you are the favorite glass because you never know what might happen the next day.

© 2014 Kirsten Uninterrupted

Empty Glass

by Kirsten Uninterrupted