Voices of Poetry & Prose Issue #1 June 2014 - Page 24

Nimby Fairy Tale


“I do not see how,” Nimby said with a low bow. “I do not have the patch to control your thieves. I did not know the phrase to open your magic lock. It is probably someone that is close to you and wants revenge.”

“The only ones that would want revenge are the Princess and Queen in my dungeon,” the Thief King declared with a wave of his hand. “They would revel in my downfall and reclaim their kingdom.”

“I would assume so,” Nimby agreed, nodding his head. “Could they have a secret passage in their cell?”

The Thief King stared at the halfling and realized that he had never considered that idea. In his haste to take the throne, he had thrown his new wife and her daughter into the dungeon without a second thought. With a grim look, the Thief King raced to the dungeon with Nimby a few steps behind him. The Princess and the Queen were startled when their hated captor barged into the dungeon and approached their cell.

“Is there a secret passage in your cell?” the Thief King asked, his mind confused by fear and anger.

“No, my husband,” the Queen defiantly replied, holding her nose up with regal pride.

“They are not going to admit it,” Nimby whispered into the Thief King’s ear. The halfling drew a dagger and smiled. “You will have to search the cell. I promise to watch them while you do your search. After all, I am sure you are a highly skilled hunter of secret passages like all thieves.”

“Thank you,” the Thief King said, pulling out the key to the cell.

The Princess and the Queen hurried out of their cell while the Thief King turned over their beds and kicked at their walls. With a loud clang, Nimby slammed the cell door shut and placed the magic lock around the bars. The Thief King stared at the halfling in stunned silence until his rage took over. He shook and pounded on the door, but it would not open for the former ruler of Rodillen\.

“Ducats and coins are the loves of my life!” the fallen Thief King yelled.

“Do not bother, dear fool,” Nimby laughed as he placed the Thief King patch on his chest. “I changed the phrase to something you will never say. I will keep that phrase a secret, so enjoy your new home.”

Nimby, the Princess, and the Queen left the dungeon where the former Thief King can still be heard yelling to this day. He is forever trapped with his rage in the small cell among the rats and the cockroaches.

“The kingdom of Rodillen is thankful to you, Nimby,” the Princess said when she was back on her throne. “What can we do to repay you?”

“Do me one favor, your majesty,” Nimby answered with a friendly smile. “Never trust a charming stranger until you meet their true self. I cannot always be around to steal your kingdom back for you.”

Nimby set out with his loyal thieves in tow and never found a reason to return to Rodillen. For the Princess and the Queen never let themselves be tricked by a charming stranger ever again.

© 2013 Charles Yallowitz