VOA - How to apply Visa for Vietnam Online? VOA - How to apply Visa for Vietnam Online?

Vietnam has democratic relations with over 170 nations and hence enjoys and leaves a whole lot of democratic benefits. You'll also have to cover the prepaid courier if you don't plan to pick up the visa in person. Please check the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs site for the suitable kinds of visa categories for work in Vietnam. Depending on where you live this is a convenient but rather expensive thing to do. They should, however, be conscious of all the Vietnam Tourist Visa Requirements and should have the ability to assist. Vietnam visa requirement: Be aware that travelers using a visa exemption cannot extend their stay at the end of the visa-exemption period and must leave Vietnam; they cannot return utilizing a visa exemption within 30 days. If you're already within Vietnam, you can extend your visa after through the local immigration office or a travel bureau. Committing visa fraud or providing false information in your request, visa application or into a Consular Officer may result in the revocation of your petition and a permanent ineligibility to travel, work or immigrate to the United States. Beware: Many visa applicants drop money or are permanently barred from the United States as a consequence of providing inaccurate information or using fraudulent applications supplied by visa consultants. If you're considering traveling to Vietnam for work, you should verify the legitimate nature of the job being provided and be certain you have the right visa before coming. Apply visa for Vietnam here.