Vlaams jeugd- en kinderrechtenbeleidsplan 2015-2019 - Page 9

poverty BRIDGING THE GAP Children and young people in poverty experience the gap with their peers in several ways. By focusing on the strengths of children and young people in poverty and giving everyone equal opportunities for participation in every aspect of society, the Government of Flanders wants to help close this gap. This requires a structural and integrated approach which takes the context of family and environment into account. BY PROMOTING A DECENT STANDARD OF LIVING The Government of Flanders is looking for ways to guarantee a decent standard of living, since this offers future perspective. We invest in efficient allowance schemes, both for families and in education, for instance. We adequately inform the different target groups and raise their awareness. Naturally, sustainable development is an important key and we will develop a customised approach in this context as well. BY FACILITATING A PLEASANT AND USEFUL PURSUIT OF LEISURE TIME In terms of leisure, youth work, sport and cultural activities, children and young people in poverty as well should be able to truly make their own choices. We want to guarantee this by making a broad provision available. We contin- ue to support the specific provision for this group. At the same time, we work to increase access to the general provision. For groups that are currently not reached, we provide additional guidance. AND WITH PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO SCHOOLS More attention is also demanded for poverty in Flanders’ education policy. To that end, we focus on parents and local networks, amongst others. 9