Vlaams jeugd- en kinderrechtenbeleidsplan 2015-2019 - Page 4

T H E F L E M I S H Y O U T H A N D C H I L D R E N ’S R I G H T S P O L I C Y P L A N PRE — FACE The Flemish Youth and Children’s Rights Policy Plan is a policy instrument of the Government of Flanders which bundles together the youth and children’s rights policies in Flanders. For the policy period 2015 through 2019 it is the first fully integrated youth and children’s rights policy plan. What is new is that this plan includes both the youth policy and the children’s rights policy. This means that a separate Flemish Children’s Rights Action Plan is no longer drawn up. The Flemish Youth and Children’s Rights Policy Plan outlines in one single plan all the concerns regarding children and young people and their rights which the Flemish Ministers will pay heed to in their policies in the coming years. The Plan pursues four large societal objectives: equal opportunities, broad development, space and greater involvement in society for all children and young people. Focus is placed, for instance, on room to play, the quality of education or the fight against child poverty and youth unemployment. 4