Vlaams jeugd- en kinderrechtenbeleidsplan 2015-2019 - Page 31

cultural education ALLOWING TALENTS TO FLOURISH We want to let the talents of children and young people flourish. We promote different types of youth culture. Culture contributes to identity development, stimulates needs, and provides a broader view of the world. Children and young people are entitled to rest and leisure time. This also includes the right to free participation in cultural and artistic life. The Government of Flanders wants to guarantee a sufficient provision and help make sure that children and young people can create their own art and culture. In this context we also promote cultural education. BY DISCOVERING CULTURE The Government of Flanders wants to encourage more children and young people to participate; bring a more diverse group into contact with different types of culture. Cultural education too should have a greater outreach. To that end we subsidise a large number of culture and art educational organisations and appropriate funds for various project subsidies. Some target groups are given extra attention: young children, children and young people i n special youth care and other disadvantaged groups. LEARNING ABOUT IT We consider cultural education important and therefore want to monitor and enhance its quality. That is why we focus on the training and education of mentors and volunteers in formal and non-formal learning environments. Cultural Education Day, the activities of Dharts in Destelheide and other events and activities help highlight all these aspects. AND CREATING IT Arousing the interest of children and young people and giving them room for personal experiments and personal development during their free time and supporting top-level talents in their development requires continuous efforts. That is why this deserves a great deal of attention. We do this in consultation with the sector and by disseminating knowledge regarding room for experimentation. We allocate a top-level arts status to young talents to allow them on the one hand to obtain their degree and on the other hand to fulfil their high artistic ambitions. With the Week of Amateur Arts we put this rich area under the spotlight. 31