Vlaams jeugd- en kinderrechtenbeleidsplan 2015-2019 - Page 27

housing RIGHT TO DECENT HOUSING The Government of Flanders acknowledges the right to decent housing of all children and young people. It wants to make progress in this field by extending the range of housing concepts, continuing to invest in social housing and increasingly publicising existing instruments. FLEXIBLE HOUSING, DISCOVERING NEW POSSIBILITIES The housing market is quite rigid. By building in greater flexibility, several target groups can gain access to more and better housing. We examine the regulatory framework for shared housing and offer support to foster the accessibility of different and more unconventional living arrangements. Attention is paid to energy efficient and accessible construction  /  renovation and housing in the social housing sector. Work is also done to improve the quality of housing and ensure a sufficient provision of caravan sites. CONTINUING EFFORTS TO ELIMINATE BARRIERS The barriers impeding access to housing are known. The Government of Flanders takes actions to further eliminate these barriers for both (candidate) tenants and owners / landlords. We do so in the social housing market, but also provide support in the private rental market and generally adopt a comprehensive approach. We examine the regulatory framework and remove a number of red tape obstacles through the automatic allocation of rent premium rights. DEVELOPING A VISION FOR THE FUTURE TOGETHER Following the state reform the Government of Flanders has been given a number of opportunities to provide increased direction to the housing market. When drawing up a housing policy plan for Flanders, we involve children, young people and youth organisations. 27