Vlaams jeugd- en kinderrechtenbeleidsplan 2015-2019 - Page 25

well-being INCREASING RESILIENCE Three elements constitute the basis of ‘well-being’, as referred to in the Youth and Children’s Rights Policy Plan. Children and young people feel good about themselves, are not afraid to say otherwise and know who they can turn to with questions. The Government of Flanders wants to take measures to increase the resilience of children and young people by focusing on preventive work and investing in accessible support. YOU ARE MORE THAN JUST A LABEL There is a growing tendency of applying labels to children and young people. As the number of labels grows, so does the use of medication by minors. The Government of Flanders is taking initiatives which will ensure a more conscious use of these labels. In sectors coming under integrated youth support the Diagnostics Quality Centre wants to develop instruments, do research and offer support in order to realise higher-quality diagnostics. This should allow for the achievement of higher-quality care. Efforts are also made towards a policy for pupils with special educational needs. HELP BREAK TABOOS The mental well-being of children and young people is often surrounded by taboo. Several methodologies and tools are already in place to open up discussion about this topic. However, the process used for this is mostly too complex or cumbersome. The Government of Flanders wants to do a thorough job in making information accessible. We realise broad access to youth support. The accessibility to services and support is improved by extending the ‘Huizen van het Kind’ (children’s centres), organising parenting support for parents from disadvantaged groups and investing in extensive and easily accessible networks. THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE YOU CAN TURN TO Every child and young person should have someone to turn to for support and who can refer him or her, if necessary. We look into the possibility of establishing a uni que communication platform for children and young people. We more widely publicise the helpline 1712 (violence, (child) abuse). Finally, we offer support to confidential advisers of minors in youth support. 25