Vlaams jeugd- en kinderrechtenbeleidsplan 2015-2019 - Page 21

participation CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE HAVE AN IMPACT The focus is on policy participation. It is about what is very close to the hearts of children and young people, but most definitely also about themes in all policy areas affecting them. The Government of Flanders wants to help create preconditions which will make a permanent participatory attitude the logical standard. BECAUSE FURTHER EFFORTS ARE MADE TO CREATE SUPPORT The Government of Flanders invests in training and education for anyone who works with children and young people in a large variety of policy areas. It concerns initiatives relating to media, sport and youth, but certainly also to work, well-being and education. A networking group will promote knowledge exchange and information flow. AT ALL LEVELS, INCLUDING FOR MORE DIFFICULT-TO-REACH TARGET GROUPS Participation is not a strange concept in policy documents. The Government of Flanders is aware that in reality a great deal of work still needs to be done and that several target groups are insufficiently reached. We want to increase the involvement of young people of immigrant origin and young people in pover- ty. We introduce a label for child-friendly municipalities and an award for the most youth-friendly municipality of Flanders. The local youth council must still be consulted about important decisions. We thus keep the local level close, while renewed efforts are also being made at the Flemish level. THROUGH FURTHER KNOWLEDGE-BUILDING AND A VARIETY OF INITIATIVES The Government of Flanders stimulates a variety of participatory practices and builds further knowledge around this. The ‘Cijferboek’ (Book of Figures) and the ‘1-meting lokaal jeugdbeleid’ (first post-baseline assessment on local youth policy) may help, for instance, to detect needs and gaps in local participation. We develop new initiatives ourselves, like the establishment of a citizens’ cabinet, and keep existing initiatives up-todate, like the structured dialogue, which is a participation instrument from the European framework of cooperation in the field of youth. 21