Vlaams jeugd- en kinderrechtenbeleidsplan 2015-2019 - Page 2

CONTENTS PREFACE 4 A GOVERNMENT OF FLANDERS PLAN 6 Imposed through a Flemish Parliament Act But a real exercise in participation And more than words on paper POVERTY 8 Bridging the gap By promoting a decent standard of living By facilitating a pleasant and useful pursuit of leisure time And with particular attention to schools SUSTAINABILITY 10 Reducing the ecological footprint By making deliberate choices And being able to really make choices In a healthy living environment BEING YOUNG 12 Naturally being given a place Seeing and being seen Without too many rules MOBILITY 14 Can you get anywhere? A strong fabric helps Always moving and learning (more) Contributing personal experiences EDUCATION 1 16 Plenty of expectations, positive choices Creating strong personalities Workplace learning Validating qualities and competences EDUCATION 2 The school in your neighbourhood Wants to be an extensive learning zone With great focus on you And in a cool environment 18