Vlaams jeugd- en kinderrechtenbeleidsplan 2015-2019 - Page 19

education 2 THE SCHOOL IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD Schools may play a big role with respect to their wider environment. Youth work, sports clubs, community organisations, etc. can all contribute to realising a school’s remit. Schools can in their turn successfully look beyond their own walls by entering into dialogue and working together. WANTS TO BE AN EXTENSIVE LEARNING ZONE The Government of Flanders wants to further stimulate the development of open and broad learning zones. The local reality serves as a starting point. We will sup- port bottom-up initiatives. Cooperation is also possible with several interesting partners, like youth, welfare and sport. WITH GREAT FOCUS ON YOU Each child and each young person has his or her own background. Schools must provide a safe and familiar environment for each one of them. School management teams and teachers play a crucial role in this. The Government of Flanders wants to support them in this role. Various training and awareness initiatives are in the pipeline. They devote particular attention to (contact with) vulnerable children and young people. AND IN A COOL ENVIRONMENT Children and young people should enjoy going to school. Pleasant, accessible, safe and multifunctional infrastructure will definitely be helpful in this respect. Within the available budgetary resourc- es, the Government of Flanders will invest in such infrastructure by means of a master plan for school construction and the contribution of expertise and support. 19