Vlaams jeugd- en kinderrechtenbeleidsplan 2015-2019 - Page 17

education 1 PLENTY OF EXPECTATIONS, POSITIVE CHOICES The Government of Flanders is aware that educational policy should take regard of the highly diverse backgrounds of children and young people, their individual talents, society’s different expectations and the aspirations of the labour market. The Government of Flanders aims to make all children and young people stronger and give them every opportunity to develop a dynamic positive learning career. CREATING STRONG PERSONALITIES We aim for a broad education as person and as citizen. This is integrated into the secondary education reform and the social debate on the attainment targets, with citizenship education still forming an essential part of the curriculum. We put the pupils at centre stage, who, from whatever background, should be able to make a positive and informed choice of study and feel at home in their schools. Finally, we will not lose sight of other places where children and young people ‘learn’. Other actors, like youth workers, play a crucial role in this context. WORKPLACE LEARNING The Government of Flanders wants to make learning and working a fully-fledged and positive process. We try to ensure a better alignment with and transition to the labour market by strengthening the system of learning and working. In fact, a standardised framework should be created for all types of workplace learning. VALIDATING QUALITIES AND COMPETENCES Not all learning careers are equally successful. Nevertheless, the Government of Flanders wants to enable young people to use their acquired qualities and talents on the labour market to the fullest extent. Projects with flexible learning pathways, qualification certificates and the recognition or validation of competences acquired within and outside education may facilitate the through-flow. 17