Vlaams jeugd- en kinderrechtenbeleidsplan 2015-2019 - Page 15

mobility CAN YOU GET ANYWHERE? The Government of Flanders wants to reinforce the position of young road users in traffic. Children and young people must have the opportunity to choose. They must be able to develop into fullyfledged road traffic participants. This is about where they want to get, how and with whom. The starting point in this context is STOP, which stands for ‘walking’, ‘cycling’, ‘public transport’ and ‘private transport’. A STRONG FABRIC HELPS Children and young people go and travel to a lot of formal and informal places. To make this connective fabric safe and sustainable, the Government of Flanders is introducing a number of measures. The aim is to promote public transport accessibility, to further extend the cycling route network and to focus on awareness-raising and knowledge-building. ALWAYS MOVING AND LEARNING (MORE) Learning (more) about how you should behave in traffic and what this means for your mobility, as well as the consequences of your behaviour for yourself and your environment. The Government of Flanders is planning several actions around traffic and mobility education. These will take place at schools and through associations and take the form of projects and testimonies. CONTRIBUTING PERSONAL EXPERIENCES Children and young people also have something to say about how and where they move in public space. The Government of Flanders wants to involve them as well in the development of a mobility policy. To that end, it organises several initiatives at various levels. 15