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Foreword As business grows, so do the complications. More complication means more problems. And as a result, it should be incumbent on management to look through the complex structure of the enterprise for the simplest path to follow. My colleague Joel Block teaches the importance of having a target with a well-defined bullseye. The bull- seye can serve as an effective metaphor for the simplest version of the company’s mission statement. This methodology’s intent is a roadmap to success – the bullseye is the target, and everyone is aiming for the same target and thus working towards the same goals. This is easy to say, and seems easy to do. But in practice, human nature takes over. Instead of a simple bull- seye, we end up with silos and factions, each with slightly different agendas. The pervasiveness of technological innovation seems to have sped up the process of compounding complex- ity as a business grows. When it comes to technology, a single component or addition can be the difference between hitting that bullseye target, or descending into chaos. In my business, I attempt to combat potential confusion between siloed departments by starting every meeting or consultation with a simple question: what are the participants’ departmental or business goals? There are usually some individuals present that have no idea. In some cases, no one knows. This simple exer- cise illuminates the importance of having a common target in defining exactly what the business’ bullseye is across departmental chasms, and once this common goal is defined it’s much easier to work together. There’s less arguing and more gets done. Warren Whitlock Influencer | Social Me- dia | Content Marketing | Growth Advocate 8 www.virtuallogistics.ca