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Introduction . The 7 Question Series was originally a thought leadership blog series posted on blog.virtuallogistics.ca as an investigative content series. For each interview, we sought out thought leaders and experts from a spe- cific industry and/or subject matter area under the umbrella theme of logistics. VL interviewed each expert with a pre-determined set of 7 questions, with each question designed around a central thesis which VL felt enquiring minds would want to know about, the topic being logistics and supply chain data integration. In each question, VL provided the interviewee with a hypothesis in order to help frame and set the context for their answer. The Data and Supply Chain Data Integration Series had the objective of establishing direct connections with Data and Supply Chain experts across the globe as we asked each contributor the same set of 7 questions. We derived insights from the interviewees’ direct experiences and expertise that would help companies, both B2B and B2C, at all stages of their evolution. We were also curious to see if their answers were similar or different, and were greatly thrilled by the diversity of their answers with common themes threading them all together. The final product of our interview series is this ebook. Each interviewee’s answers were placed alongside other answers for each question we asked, and each question we asked forms a chapter of this ebook. We at VL hope you enjoy reading the expert knowledge from our thought leaders assembled in this ebook; we greatly enjoyed compiling this information for you. 6 www.virtuallogistics.ca