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BAR HAPPY HOUR BUFFET Gelateria Ice Cream N Sifone panna, inox Professional cream whipper, stainless steel Profi-Sahnebereiter, 18-10 Edelstahl Siphon à crème professionnel, inox Sifón montador de nata profesional, inox art. 41451-05 41451-10 lt 0,5 1,0 Due ugelli inclusi. Testa e bottiglia anticorrosione in acciaio inox. Lavabile in lavastoviglie per una buona e reale igiene. - Two nozzles included. Head and bottle made in rust-free stainless steel. Can be placed in the dishwasher for effective and hygienic washing. Conf. 10 cartucce Set 10 siphon chargers 10-Stk. Kapsel-Packung 10 cartouches à siphon Recarga para sifón, 10 piezas art. 41450-AA Conf. 10 cartucce Set 10 soda chargers 10-Stk. Sodakapsel-Packung 10 cartouches à eau de seltz Recarga para sifón, 10 piezas art. 41452-AA Sifone soda Soda siphon Soda Siphon Siphon à eau de seltz Sifón agua de seltz N N art. 41452-10 41452R10 41452B10 lt 1,0 1,0 1,0 319