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PULIZIA E SICUREZZA CLEANING & SAFETY Pinza per mop Mop holder Wischmophalter Pince faubert Pinza Mop in cotone con banda Cotton mop with band Baumwollmop mit Bande Mop en coton avec bande Fregadora de algodón Mop in cotone, attacco filettato Cotton mop, screw fitting Baumwollmop mit Schraubanschluss Mop en coton avec attache à vis Fregadora de algodón art. 44086-00 art. 44087-35 44087-40 44087-50 art. 44088-28 gr. 350 400 500 N N Panno in microfibra, conf. 12 pz Microfibre cloth, 12 pcs pack Mikrofasertuch, 12 Stück Packung Carré en microfibre, 12 pcs Paño de microfibra, 12 piezas Manico per mop Wet mop handles Nassmopp-Stiele Supports pour franges Mangos para fregonas art. 44147-00 44147-01 44147-02 44147-03 art. 44141-01 44141-02 44141-03 44141-04 dim. cm. 40,6x40,6 40,6x40,6 40,6x40,6 40,6x40,6 colore/color Panno in microfibra monofilamento, dura 100 lavaggi a 90° e 40 lavaggi con candeggina. 160 gr/mq. - Microfibre cloth, monofilament, launderable up to 100 times at 90°C and up to 40 times with bleach. 160 gr/sqm. gr. 28 ????6???S"?@?S"?@?S"?@?S"?@??????7G&?66R??6?F??P?6?GF???V?B7G&??r???7v?WGF?????B&V?v???V?V?@?g&?vR :f?6V??W2V?6?F???g&Vv??FRF?&2FR?v?L;6?6???&R?6??? ??'B??CCC"?C??w"??C????&???V?R?f?'&F?fWG&????v?72f?&W"????????7&?f?'&?6??b????7&?f?'&R???726???7&?f?&W"????7L;?6?6?V?p?g&?vRV??7&?f?'&R?70?g&VvF?&FR?7&?f?'&??W?0??6?7FV?F?V??????BV?6P?6?V???r7?7FV??V?6P?&V???wV?w77?7FV?V?6P?7?7L:??RFR?WGF??vRV?6P?6?7FV?FR???W?V?6P??'B??F???6???CCS??C?@??'B??CCS???????`???????7&?f?'&?W6?V?F?BV?WfF?76?&&V???W"???6?6??F?f?F?S??fvv??#6??6?FVvv???BV?WfFP?FV?W&GW&R???7&?f?'&R???vWBW6R????v?'6?&&V?7??f?"?7???V?FW&&?P?WF?SF??W2?#v?F?&?V6??B??v??vFW"FV?W&GW&R?#C??F???6???"?G???P?????C"? ??FV???????V????6??fV?7&?FC6?? ??????7&?f?'&?F?FF?F?FW?6?F????FVw&F?Fs??6?RW&?WGFRF??V?&Rf????????V??V?g&?RC?6??B"?7&?f?'&R??2????&?&@?&W6W'f??"s??F?B???w2F?6?V?WF???7??